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Less Salt Light Soy Sauce (NO MSG) 500ml
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It's All About No MSG Light Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is the most used kitchen condiment in many cuisines, especially in Chinese cuisines. It comes in two versions one is light, and the other is dark soy sauce.  A few days earlier, I was looking for no MSG light soy sauce, and during the search, I came to know that there are very few brands offering no MSG light soy sauce. Here I'm going to share few ways to use NO MSG light soy sauce for all those who are confused about its use

Three Ways to Use No MSG Light Soy Sauce

No MSG Light soy sauce is extremely versatile, and you can use it as normal light soy sauce.  It is light, thin, and less salty. It is widely used in cold appetizers, salads, marinades, and many more recipes.

1.    Make Flavorful Vegetable Rice

Usually, vegetable rice is white, but you can add no MSG light soy sauce while stirring vegetables and rice together to bring light brown color to the rice. It also helps to enhance the taste.


·        Two and half cup boil rice

·        Two carrots( julienne)

·        One onion diced

·        Half cup Pease

·        Four tbsp  Desly  foods NO MSG light soy sauce

·        Three tbsp Desly foods chilli sauce

·        Two tbsp lemon juice

·        Salt and pepper as per taste

·        Two tablespoon of  any vegetable oil


Heat oil in a deep pan and add onions. Cook until they become translucent. Add vegetables, and add half of the sauces, add salt and pepper. Cook until vegetables become tender. Add rice into vegetables and mix the rest of the sauce, including No MSG soy sauce and lemon juice. Slow down the flame and cover the pan—Cook the rice for five to seven minutes to soak the sauces' goodness.

2.    Make Salads Dressings

This no MSG light soy sauce makes the best salad dressing without overpowering the salad's original taste. It does not shadow the real color of vegetables and fruits in a salad.  For one bowl of salad, take one teaspoon light soy sauce, one teaspoon rice vinegar, and half tsp sesame oil. Mix them well with salad ingredients.

3.    Make Stew and Soups

In replacement of dark salted soy sauce, you can sue this no MSG light soy sauce in your soups and stews. This will not ruin the color of your soups and stews but will bring more flavor to your stews and soups.


After opening the bottle, you can store no MSG light soy sauce in the fridge for up to six months. If you occasionally use it, its freshness can remain intact up to eight months in the fridge. Don't put the bottle carelessly on the kitchen counter after use as it can affect the taste and freshness.