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Soy Sauce - What uses do you give it?

Soy Sauce is an ingredient that the vast majority of us associate with oriental or Asian food. However, it is one of those salty and deep flavor ingredients that can give life to many recipes,regardless of whether they are not from those cultures.

Let us discover what other uses to give soy sauce in our kitchen to highlight the flavor of our dishes.

Intensify the taste of meat:

Soy Sauce is rich in free glutamate, which play a role in the taste and acceptability of food. These glutamates can intensify the flavor of the meat. That is why it is usually added to the Sauce to marinate pork ribs, prepare meat dumplings, roasted chicken breasts, roasts of veal and even smoked meats.


Soy sauce also brings an interesting and deep flavor to sauces made from red meat, turkey or chicken broths, and even fish stock.

An example of these sauces is the gravy that is usually prepared to accompany the Christmas turkey, or also the chicken gravy with which we bathe the mashed potatoes. 


Many of the vegan proteins such as tofu or soy meat do not always have a deep and attractive taste, but they are ingredients that those who take this diet should include in a balanced diet.

Due, again, to the Soy Sauce glutamates, we can make these proteins more interesting and taste great. Another of the ingredients of this type of cuisine that benefits are fungi, whether in the form of mushrooms, portobello mushrooms.


A few drops of soy sauce are also well received by almost all types of soups and broths, such as a vegetable soup, a stew and even, we can use it to improve the taste of a canned soup that we have acquired in the Supermarket.

Sauces for marinating, dressings and vinaigrettes:

Soy sauce contains enzymes that help break up resistant proteins, so adding them to sauces to marinate meat is a great idea,as it will help soften them and make them look softer and juicier.

For salads, we can also incorporate some soy sauce in vinigrettes or dressings, although making sure not to add extra salt to avoid being too salty.

Barbecue sauce:

We must be honest in accepting that we do not always have time to prepare some sauces, such as the Barbecue Sauce that we like to add to chicken wings or ribs.

Being easier to get this bottled sauce, a good idea to balance it is to add a little soy sauce, and thus avoid that extra sweet flavor that characterizes these bottled sauces.