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Tonkatsu Sauce 150ml
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Steps To Make Pork Chop With Desly Tonkatsu Sauce

1.Beat the pork loin with the back of the knife, add wine, black pepper, salt and marinate for half an hour.

2.Wash rice and cook, arrange the time, take an egg and break it up.

3.Dip the marinated pork in flour, shake off excess flour, dip in egg mixture, and pat on the bread flour

4.Pour a small bowl of oil into a skillet, not too much oil but half Fried, deep-fried until pork chops are golden and crispy, remove and drain

5.Pour the oil over the pan, cut the onion in half, and stir-fry until soft

6.Add one tablespoon of
seafood sauce, half of cooking wine, half of sugar, one teaspoon of oyster sauce, and two tablespoons of water to cook the shredded onion

7.Now that the rice has been cooked, take a large plate and place it in a large bowl

8.Add the omelette and pour the onion slices and sauce over the sliced pork chop