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Yaki Sushi Nori
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The Desly Sushi Nori, commonly known as grilled nori,grilled seaweed; Belongs to the red phylum, the red trichococcus alga body has brown and purple, by the single layer or two layer cells make the film, has the leaf shape heart shape the lower part of the wild laver to attach on the rock up to 20 30cm.

Unisexual reproductive process is relatively complicated, in 1955 China's first figure out the life history of the nori, scientific workers by laver filaments small laver after these three stages form gradually from the wild to farmed, market now see nori are farmed seaweed, seaweed main composition is about 50% carbohydrates, about 30% of the crude protein, rich vitamin A, B, C, calcium and phosphorus containing iodine,etc.