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Boeuf Bourguignon Desly Steamed Beef With Red Wine
Date:2017-08-31 11:26:12

Boeuf Bourguignon is a famous French dish. A cow's tail is rich in gelatin and flavor, and a long stew can free up its delicious flavor. The red wine in the dish has been repeatedly stewed, the taste has been absorbed by the ox tail, the alcohol also evaporates with it, don't worry about getting drunk, the flavor of the aroma and the color of the red and bright.

But to see a lot of traditional wine stewed oxtail practice after feel heat also is not low ah ~ dishes are basically oil, oxtail to fry until brown, some also oxtail covered in flour, some even fry a camel, to soup add flour thickening, etc... And in order to make the tail stewing soft, the vegetables in general have been braised, so I fumbled for the recipes.

1. Use the pressure cooker ahead of stewed oxtail make its soft rot, and then use beef broth, stews, thus more incense, and greatly reduce the production time, then don't worry oxtail stew is not bad, just put the vegetables in the casserole stew can be soft, reduced the loss of nutrition.

2. Because the onion to more sweet, after making the nutrition of the carrot is fat soluble, so making steps is best not to omit, I only use a small amount of olive oil, instead of butter saute the onion and carrots, heat will be a reduction, no flavor.
3. Because of the carrot, the tomatoes are sweet, and they add tomato sauce, so I don't have any sugar. If the color is weak, a little old color is also a great choice
The oxtail is rich in colloid and beauty, and it has been filled with collagen for a long time. So you don't need to add extra flour to add heat, and the juice doesn't get too thin.

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