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How to make a fish recipe with white rice vinegar
Date:2018-03-03 11:51:55

Video Tutorial Here

Desly Kitchen Production 

Prepared Material: 

Jade Bridge Peanut Oil 

Jade Bridge Light Soy Sauce 

Jade Bridge Rice White Vinegar 

Desly Mirin 

Jade Bridge Sesame Oil 



Snow Bean 

Red Chili Pepper 

Vegetable Potatoes 

Steps: 1.Prepare all the material 

2.Wash and slice them 

3.Step by step put the material into the pot 

4.Fry the fish with several peanut oil until it is done 

5.Fry the vegetables,carrot,potatoes,snow bean 

6.Pick up the fish into the plate,then decorate it with the vegetable,red chili pepper,snow bean