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How To Make Delicious Dish With Jade Bridge Satay Sauce
Date:2018-12-12 14:19:33

Satay sauce is a kind of mixed condiment popular in fujian and guangdong provinces. It is light brown in color and paste paste. It has the special compound flavor of shrimp, garlic, onion, peanut and light soy sauce.

Fujian Barbeque sauce is made from high doses of Fried peanuts, and at the end of the right amount at the end of the boneless Fried halibut dry and at the end of the shrimp with garlic At the end of the parsley Chili powder Mustard powder Five-spice powder Sand ginger powder Coriander powder Toppings stir-fried with vegetable oil up incense incense wood, with sugar Refined salt with Fried simmered in half an hour, to pan pan bubble not stay away from the fire into the barrel, after the natural cooling can be hidden for 1 year to 2 years without deterioration.