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  • 产品名称: Premium Soy Sauce 500ml

Quick details
Product type: Soy Sauce
Certification: ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, BRC
Soy Sauce Type: Light Soy Sauce
Form: Liquid
Packing: Glass bottle, Pet bottle, Jar, Drum

Premium Soy Sauce packing size picture

Brief description
1.100% naturally brewed NON GMO.
3.OEM brand can be accepted.
4.About 25 days delivery.
5.Discount price

Premium Soy Sauce 500ml

*Select NON-GMO soybeans as raw materials,All the soybeans are selected with the first class.
*Natural fermented directly with strong sauce and perserved beans flavour.
*Dark red-brown color with shiny surface. A thikc liquid that will stick aginst the glass bottle wall for a long time. It gives colour to dishes easily and the colour can be kept for a long time.
*Harmonious flavour of sauce and sugar with strong,sweet and fresh taste.
*No any genetically modified organisms has been used in the production.

Serving suggestion: Mainly used for flavoring food by marinating, cooking and dipping. Great for seasoning dim sum,rice rolls and crispy snacks.