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  • 产品名称: Fish-flavored eggplant strips

Long eggplant 200g、Minced meat 80g、Minced garlic 10g、Broth or water 3 tablespoons、Water 1 tsp starch、Onion grain a little.
3 tsp spicy bean paste、Fermented rice 1.5 tablespoon、Desly soy sauce 1 tsp、Sugar ½ tsp、Pepper powder quarter tsp、Desly vinegar ½ tsp、Desly sesame oil-third teaspoon.
Fish-flavored eggplant strips of practice:
1.In a small bowl pour fermented rice, Broth or water,Soy sauce and sugar,Stir the sugar dissolves,Feed juice is a good tune. 
2.Long eggplant cut into strips. 
3.Heat oil in pan,Placing hands on the oil surface 20 cm high position test oil temperature,Oil temperature feels just right, Said hot hot. 
4.Rapid underground into eggplant,Fried 30-35 seconds immediately remove and drain. 
5.Other from the net a little saucepan heat oil down into the minced meat and stir-fry. 
6.Minced meat discoloration marked Stir into hot bean paste, then add garlic and a good tune feed juice. 
7.Until thick juice into the fried eggplant and stir fry the next number. 
8.Transferred to water,Starch hook thin gravy (to pour a little bit of starch in a bowl,Stir well watered,Thin gravy). 
9.Finally,Add pepper powder,Vinegar and a few drops of sesame oil,Turn off the heat. 
10.Sprinkle with chives tablets can dish up.
Cooking tips:
1.Who flavored sauce played an important role? Was fermented.A magical things,With steamed rice or glutinous rice after adding the enzyme fermentation seasoning or a drink.Call in the north and south are different,Also known as mother liquor,Fermented glutinous rice,Lees,Rice,Sweet rice wine,Rice wine,Rice wine. 
2.Fried eggplant does not change color,Not black,Not the suction method:Oil temperature controlled at about 150 degrees,Which is about to smoke a little smoke oil temperature;Fry 30-35 seconds,Remove immediately.