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  • 产品名称: Yummy scallion shredded chicken

Ginger;Scallion;Chicken;Rice Wine;
Salt;Light Soy Sauce;Rice Cooker;
1.Take out the chicken and wash it dry it;
2.Put the chicken into the pot with cool water and cook it for a while,remember no need to boil it;
3.Wash and slice the scallion and ginger,prepare 2 spoons rice wine;
4.Take out the chicken from the pot;
5.Add right amout of water into the Rice Cooker,then pour the chicken,the ginger,scallion and the rice wine;the water just above the chicken;then press the "Steam" button,and last for about15 minutes;
6.Meanwhile,prepare the condiment,slice the scallion into 2 pieces,grind the ginger;
7.Then put the sliced scallion into a bowl and add one spoon sale and one spoon Light Soy Sauce ;
8.Heat the wok with few amout of peanut oil;
9.Mix the mined ginger and sliced scallion then dress them with the boiled peanut oil;
10.Take out the chicken and seperate the meat and the bone;
11.Dress it with the scallion oil;