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Food List

  • 产品名称: French creamy shrimp soup

Raw Material
Shrimp;Onions(white or yellow);Leek(or scallion);Flour;Jade Bridge Light Soy Sauce;
Cream;Salt;Black Pepper;Brandy;Butter;Broth;Tomato Sauce;
1.There peeled shrimp go head to head,shrimp and wash stand,onion,leek,respectively mince;
2.Pot put some water into the head of the prawn shrimp,boil simmer over low heat for 15 minutes,filtered,soup standby;
3.Pot put a little melted butter,the next onion,leek,stir-fry until softened color;
4.Add shrimp and stir fry until color,add brandy,continued cook 1 minute;
5.Step into the pulper finished 4 whipped into mud;
6.The original pot and continue to add a little butter melted small fire,add a little flour, stir well,add cream,stirring until thick;
7.Add mud shrimp,shrimp soup,amount of stock,tomato sauce,bring to a boil after a small fire to simmer for 10 minutes;add salt,black pepper,transfer to a plate filled out;