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  • 产品名称: Shanghai Curry Beef Vermicelli Soup

Curry Beef Vermicelli Soup Recipe
Beef Brisket,Beef Bone Barrel,Ginger,Orange Peel(can be fresh and dried),Deslyfoods Vermicelli;
Curry Powder,Salt,Coriander,Sesame Oil;
1.Cut the Sirloin into chunks,and Cattle bones together wash bucket,flying water;Vermicelli with warm water till soft, drain water reserve;
2.Add enough cold water to simmer,add beef brisket,beef bone barrel,Ginger,Orange peel,high-grade open stew 4-6 hours;
3.Take a good stew sirloin, cut into thin slices,a bowl alternate;
4.In another pot, poured into part of the beef soup and bring to boil,add the vermicelli cooking until soft,add some curry powder, mix well and season with salt;
5.Pour the soup,add parsley,a few drops of sesame oil;