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Food List

  • 产品名称: French Style Garlic Bread

Raw Material:
Half a baguette 400 grams,60 grams of garlic,Norika 15 grams,40 grams of butter,olive oil,10 grams of salt;
1-2 Prepare mashed garlic and salt;
3-4 Put a little butter and olive oil in the oven, with a 40-50 degree temperature melting;
5-6 The law fragrant minced into the end use,Bread oblique cut into 1.5 cm thick slices;
7-8 The salt of the garlic into the butter,stir,then add the chopped Norika stir;
9-10 Stir the butter and garlic crushed Norika was spread on a slice of bread into the pan;
11-12 With a 180-degree oven to bake bread for 15 minutes and bake until golden in color;