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  • 产品名称: Diced Pork Meat Fried With Bitter Melon Of Jade Bridge Plum Sauce

Pork;Bitter Melon;Jade Bridge Soy Sauce;Wine;Peanut Oil;
1.Prepare the material first,the sweet chilli,ginger,jade bridge plum sauce;
2.Dice the Bitter Melon,take out the seed,pour the salt on it;
3.Slice the onion and the ginger;
4.Dice the pork too and stand by;
5.Pour the peanut oil into the pot;
6.Fry the Diced Meat till it turns white;
7.Add one big spoon of Jade Bridge Plum Sauce;
8.Continue fry and add the onion and ginger;
9.Pour the Soy Sauce and Wine;