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  • 产品名称: Appetizer And Spicy Recipes:Pepper Chilli Sauce Soup

Powder;Beef;Kelp;Toufu;Peanut;Noodles;Salt;Dark Soy Sauce;Sesame Oil;Starch;Pepper Powder;Vinegar;
1.Prepare all the Material,Soak the Daylily and Agaric into the water;
2.Soak the Sweet Potato Fries and set aside;
3.Add the salt to the powder and add water with it;
4.Pour all the Material into the pot and boil it;
5.Pour about 200g sauce and boil it again;
6.Add a big spoon of Jade Bridge Dark Soy Sauce,and one spoon of salt and stir well;
7.When finish and about to eat,add some Jade Bridge Vinegar;