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  • 产品名称: French Desert After Dinner:Macaron

1.Combine the almond powder and powdered sugar,in a food processor in the ground for 2 minutes.
2.It will grind good almond powder mixture with powdered sugar sieve (if not easy sieving, can use a spoon back RCC mix powder, making them faster through the screen).
3.Sift together the almond icing sugar very exquisite and bulk. If there is a food processor, step 1-3 can be omitted, starting from the fourth step.
4.The protein with a egg beater until frothy, add sugar,then continue to beat.
5.In the process of stirring drip into the food coloring,make the protein presents the bright color.
6.Whip until protein reached and stiff.
7.Will and sift the almond powder,powdered sugar mixture into sent good protein.
8.With a rubber spatula fold from the bottom up,make fully mixing powder and protein.
9.Constantly fold mixing good protein paste,paste until protein smoothies reached as shown: the degree of filed a scraper, protein paste strip of falling down.
10.The protein paste into a piping bag, with a small round hole piping mouth on the silica gel plate extrusion is about 3 cm diameter circular batter.
11.Batter crowded,don't jump into the oven, put in ventilated place, its natural air-dry for half an hour,until the surface touch up feeling not glue the hand,and forme a layer of hard shell.This time can put in the oven.
12.Oven preheated in advance.Lower, with 165 degrees bake first 14 minutes. Generally 6 to 8 minutes, marca dragon there will be a skirt. Stay cool, marca dragon with small shovels to shovel down one by one.
13.Marca shell out of the dragon can rack stuffing after cooling, but at the moment, and cannot be eaten, because the stuffing with shell is independent of the two parts.
14.Moisture absorption, moisture absorption to get crisp and inner soft appearance,the aroma of almond powder and the smell of filling total integration, then edible.