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  • 产品名称: Breakfast Casserole Of Chinese Shrimp Porridge

China is the world's ancient civilizations,also the world's superpower cuisine country.Porridge,is one of the traditional staple food in China.It has been a long history to eat porridge in China.
Shrimp Porridge
Main material:
Fresh shrimp;Unique Ingredients and Rice;
Shredded Ginger;Celery Grains;Mushrooms;Fried Garlic;Fried Fish;Fried Onion Oil;Fish Sauce and Tianjin Spiced Cabbage;
Making ingredients first,and then use an earthenware pot fire boil a pot of white porridge,stay porridge with colloid,which has seven ripe,add shrimp and unique ingredients,clay pot boil 5-6 minutes.
1.Wash the rice and add into the pot then put two teaspoons of Peanut Oil ,mix well with the rice(uncooked rice mix oil more easily after cooked,and not easy to stick kettle).At the same time,put a little shredded ginger,cloves,spiced cabbage.
2.Wash the Shrimp;
3.Add the Shrimp;Fast when the boiled flower can put shrimps cooked together.note that fire yo ho,the best temperature slow boil.Yo is in fine sand pot boil.
4.Dish up;Shrimp for about 20 minutes.Dish up front in the parsley,shallot,a little.The whole process about 50 minutes.
5.Conclusion:Porridge,Generally have boiling and stewing in two ways.Cook,namely with exuberant and get the hell out of here first,then use small fire to cook porridge soup consistency method.After stewing,refers to with heated to boiling,namely inside barrel with a cover,has the characteristics of a fragrance.Most of the cooking method is used to our life.