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  • 产品名称: Homemade Mashed Potatoes

1.Prepare 350 grams Potatoes and slice into pieces and 15 grams of butter in advance to take out the thaw;
2.Steam the Potatoes for about 20 minutes,then add the butter into the pot;
3.Use the spoon to mash the Potatoes and melt in the butter;
4.The crushed potatoes in fine colander, with a small spoon to press Mashed Potato;
5.The mashed potatoes will be fine and soft, so the texture of the processed potato is very good;
6.Prepare 40 grams of sugar,100 grams of cream.If there is no light cream with an equal amount of milk,you can also replace with Jade Bridge Milk;
7.The Mashed Potato into the piping bag ready,then squeeze in chips.If no home decorating bag can also apply directly in chips.Just a pastry bag out of shape look better.We are advised to do a good job to eat,think a little for a while,potato chips are not so crisp;