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  • 产品名称: Different kind of Cakes

1.Cheese Cake,current popular consumer favorite, depending on how much cheese and three,cheese of many is heavy cheese cake,the intermediate level is light cream cheese cake,and a is frozen cheese cake.This cake is not needed to bake is cake forming frozen. Light Cheese Cake taste is very soft,that is the entrance,the baby will be very suitable the elderly to eat.
2.Heavy Oil Cake,oil here refers to the butter,with lots of butter substitute other materials made of cake,use this kind of cake egg did not send,so softness will worse than other cake,but because more butter will taste is very thick,very delicious.In order to reduce the greasy cake,you can add some fresh fruit to go in,the effect is very good.
3.Angel Food Cake,the name sounds very beautiful.The fact is that, angel food cake have angel like face,white and clinking,refreshing Keren.Because the production process does not add a drop of fat,even the egg yolk are not taken,so as to make a beautiful and delicious angel cake.
4.Chiffon Cake,this cake is very common,can be said that we have seen,should also be eaten. We used to eat the birthday cake is generally used to do the basis of this,and then do some tricks on the top,a beautiful beautiful birthday cake is completed.Making Chiffon Cake can also add some baking powder,can make the cake soft.
5.Sponge Cake,it makes me think of SpongeBob,see the name knew sponge cake is like a sponge,a lot of hole, eat up very soft,look carefully inside it will feel particularly interesting.
6.Mousse Cake,a lot of people like to eat the cake with frozen yogurt cake like,mousse cake is not baked,some fruit puree with some coagulants and put a refrigerator can generally require Chiffon Cake used to do background.