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  • 产品名称: The Child 's eye dissolved in 20 minutes

Coco Mummy : My 8 year-old son,is in Grade 2 at the primary school now.The day when he has just finished the mid-term exam to go home.Along the way he was very happy,and said he done very well in the mid-term exam,and off course I was proud of his result.So,in order to award him,we'll go to the supermarket to buy him snacks he loved ,bags to take home,can turn so happy is broken .
At home,cocoa and happily sitting on the sofa eating snacks while watching cartoons,I was busy to cook dinner in the kitchen.About 15 minutes later,I heard Cocoa shrieks hurried out in the living room.See cocoa covering her eyes,while loudly crying bitterly rolling on the ground,the deformation of a Fried beverage bottle dropped to the floor,the floor is full of water...!
After the doctor checked,he told us that cocoa right eye due to erosion by alkaline liquid,the eye be dissolved,cause lifelong blindness!Any treatment have been powerless!
The doctor's diagnosis as thunder at first ring,look at the son's horror,I immediately stand to the ground,even cry strength is gone!
When the doctor asked about how injured son,the son said, when he finished eating snacks found a small bag inside the bag,don't know what will pick it up and play. Pick up his first with his nose,he smelled the figure of fun later put the parcel in the water bottles,think that just put in exploded,that moment cocoa feel something into the right eye,can cook special ache,then eyes can't see.
We now know that the son's mouth to say that the "package" in the packaging,it it the Food Desiccant!
Common Desiccant in the daily life:
1.Lime Desiccant
2.Silica Gel Desiccant
3.Montmorillonite Desiccant
4.Fiber Desiccant