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  • 产品名称: Chinese Traditional Festival Mid Autumn Day Ice Skin Moon Cake

It is different from traditional mooncake making way.Because of all the traditional moon cakes are made by syrup do skin,color is golden yellow.And ice skin part raw material of the cakes is glutinous rice,white appearance of the moon cake is made of,is in the refrigerator save,save when selling in the freezer.
Water glutinous rice powder 50 g
Sticky rice flour, 50 g corn oil 25 g
Soft sugar 40 g 
30 g wheat starch 
Milk 240 g
1.Peeling ahead of mung bean is ready for the night.Drain the water,add in sugar then steam.Hot pressure ChengRong or with a mixer,beat when add milk powder,can increase the fragrance,mix well aside;
2.With clean wok and stir-fry until done;
3.Material mix together,put the pot steaming hot mix well after 20 minutes,cool down into small pieces and package into the green bean paste,with the moon cake mold carved;