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  • 产品名称: Yogurt Milk Cake For the Autumn Festival

Yogurt is a milk in the lactose and protein decomposition.
The Benefit of the Yogurt:
1.The human body is more easily digested and absorbed;
2.Yogurt is to promote gastric secretion,increase appetite, promote and enhance the effectiveness of digestion;
3.Lactic acid bacteria can reduce the production of certain carcinogenic substances,which has anti-cancer effect;
4.It is able to inhibit the reproduction of intestinal spoilage bacteria, and reduce the toxin produced in the intestinal tract of spoilage bacteria;
5.It will reduce the role of cholesterol, especially suitable for people with high blood lipids.
Yogurt in addition to nutrition, but also contains lactic acid bacteria,so has the role of health care.
The entrance is delicate and soft,taste and cheese cake is similar,but compared to the cheese cake fresh,not greasy,more healthy.Today this oil-free yogurt cake is healthy ad delicious,let the beautiful girls can enjoy dessert blooming in the taste buds on the feeling there is no burden!
In this romantic fall health how to get out of the yogurt cake is delicious not long fat.Today's breakfast: yogurt cake,kiwi smoothie!
Friends have a nice weekend!