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  • 产品名称: Black Bean Steamed Pork Ribs

Pork Rib;Ginger;Garlic;Onion;Pepper;Black Bean;
Salt;Sugar;Vine;Strach;Soy Sauce;
1.Prepare all the Material;
2.The Ribs in the water soak for 30 minutes,during several times of water,to remove and drain after the bloody bubble;
3.Ribs Drain into the bowl,add ginger,cooking wine,sugar,salt evenly into the refrigerator for 1 hours;
4.Pork during refrigerated storage,will press the fermented black bean,mince onion and garlic,chopped chili;
5.Mix the starch and water;
6.Then the ribs into the whole dish,you can put the ginger pad in the ribs below.The starch water pours in the ribs,and fermented black bean and garlic;
7.Steamed for about 40 minutes;