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  • 产品名称: How to use the light soy sauce,dark soy sauce,soy sauce cream

In order to write an article on the soy sauce,recently watched a week information about soy sauce,and paper.About point theory.
1.The raw material
Is defatted soybean(bean dregs after extracting the soybean oil),(with bran is in order to save cost,less starch,taste is bad,most manufacturers are now wheat, bran mixed with).
2.The old pumping light soy sauce
Soy sauce is soy sauce added caramel pigment, the harmful material in industrial production of caramel pigment is 4;methyl imidazole,but the United Nations world health organization (who) had already been confirmed a few harmless
3.The principle of making soy sauce
Rice aspergillus,yeast,lactic acid bacteria decomposition of soybean protein and starch in wheat,produce amino acids, esters, alcohols,such as the flavour substances,I saw some doctoral thesis, wrote the soy sauce fermentation, more than 300 kinds of flavor substances in analysis,that call a intrusive without bonding.But one of the most important flavor substances in glutamic acid and aspartic acid, these two amino acids contain nitrogen,therefore,is to evaluate the quality of soy sauce of amino acid nitrogen content.Level of soy sauce amino nitrogen content is greater than 0.8 g / 100 ml,the worst is not less than 0.4 g / 100 ml. Amino acid nitrogen is not the only criterion to evaluate the quality of the soy sauce, but does the fermentation process is better. You see the supermarket is more expensive,basically all above 1.0 g / 100 ml, those bags of three or four dollars,are stuck in 0.4 g / 100 ml of minimum standards.
4.The original process
Is in open air,sun night leakage,in addition to artificial add meters aspergillus,there will be a lot of natural bacteria in air toferment decomposition, so can break down the more rich flavor substances. But low efficiency,safety and health protection,to be being washed out gradually,in the sauce and pickle shop before other jargon,called "no maggots no sauce".And original technology of soy sauce taste may not really go,a lot of things are magnified by the memory of childhood.I can still remember when I was a child of the kang teacher instant noodles as human to taste.
5.Head smoke
After a good sauce fermentation cylinder,insert the soy sauce in the cylinder tube,taking soy sauce, is for the head,then adding brine into the sauce residue fermentation again for several days, draw out,is for two smoke,then add salt,fermentation,a few days out for three.Fermentation without Jiang Gang now, with big pond fermentation,also need not pipe smoke,but also want to points three times to extract the soy sauce, and continue to head to smoke.So,the same brand also can appear quality prices vary considerably varieties, is the first and second smoking three difference.But there are some manufacturers extracted by squeezing method,the sauce residue drained directly, no head have two smoking.Usually head pump prices than normal soy sauce in a two times,but also is not something any particular legend.