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  • 产品名称: Is Gluten Free Really Healthy

Gluten. Crops of wheat, oats, rye, is one of the most main protein.It can increase the dough, elasticity and toughness.
Low high Gluten flour powder, ap-flour, the classification of flour, is according to the Gluten in flour, namely to determine the content of Gluten.When making bread we need bread has elasticity and texture, high flour is a better choice; Have certain ductility are needed for making the wrappers, but does not need too hard, with better ap-flour, and make the cake, low flour can provide the soft palate
Why do you want to remove gluten?
The reason is simple: because some people allergic to gluten.
There is a kind of disease called Celiac disease (Celiac diseases), it is the main symptom of chronic diarrhea, growth retardation and fatigue, etc. This is a kind of genetic factors, immune disease. The disease is common, according to 
statistics, about 1% to 2% of the world's population are suffering from the disease. Until now, still can't completely cure the disease. For a long time,people can't do anything to it.
Until the scientists found that the culprit of the diarrhea is actually a patient's immune system. The gluten this kind of material the immune systems response, and then begin to attack the small intestine in tissues and cells, 
resulting in digestive disorders. Only need a little trace of gluten was enough to trigger this reaction. So, although the disease is not good, but we change an idea, direct control of the diet, let the patient no longer eat any gluten, so those symptoms don't appear! (5% of the patients, but this way may take other methods to treat these patients.)
It's easier said than done. Gluten this stuff everywhere, in a lot of staple food are inevitably contains the protein, how to do? At this time only to think from the level of policies and regulations.
The European Union and Australia have long for Gluten Free products. Gluten Free time very late, in the United States in August 2013, the FDA issued only on Gluten Free final rule, if the product of Gluten content in 20 PPM (20 milligrams per kilogram of) the following words can be labeled as Gluten Free voluntarily. It is generally believed that the concentration of gluten for patients with celiac disease is not a problem.
To be sure, some people without celiac disease, but also can have reaction after eating gluten, we call this Non - celiac gluten sensitivity, is celiac disease types of gluten sensitivity. For such people, Gluten free products can effectively relieve symptoms.
But for the average person, gluten intake for the body is completely harmless.
So, to sum up, Gluten Free was made for the people who are allergic to Gluten is a kind of special demand the product, for the average person, there is no specific buy Gluten Free the need of this product, this product does not allow you to eat healthier.
Even, some Gluten Free products of sugar and calories than ordinary products.