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    Description: Gluten is a protein found in wheat,barley,rye.There are many kinds of Gluten .Oatmeal contains no gluten,but oats and wheat often Shared mills,so will be affected by gluten contamination .Unless there is a Gluten .Free annotation,oat is unsafe.Wheat flour is undoubtedly contains gluten,so can be replaced with other no gluten flour.Although many whole grain flour and flour is no gluten,but whole grains and beans plant lectins and phytic acid problems will affect the intestinal tract.No gluten processing food still junk food;No gluten donuts will make you fat;No gluten potato chips, or would you let your long blain;No gluten ice cream will cause harm to your health;Really no gluten,absolutely not want you to buy those expensive die packaged food (is also for this reason,critics claim that no gluten diet will increase economic burden);Really no gluten diet,ask you to pay attention to the real man should eat food: fish eggs,fruits and vegetables! Afraid of troubles,grain will eat some rice.Coarse grains beans soak for a long time,or budding or fermentation;  

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