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How Oyster Sauce Delight Your Cooking ?
2022-05-24 10:04:03

1.Why Asians (especially Orientals) like to use oyster sauce?

Because seafood itself has a strong umami taste, adding it to the dishes can increase the umami taste of the food and make the dishes more delicious.

The East of Asia is always good at retaining the taste of seafood, such as oyster sauce, abalone juice, scallop juice, etc. made from various seafood. It is these colorful condiments that make the diversity and uniqueness of oriental cuisines.

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2. How to judge high-quality oyster sauce?

Concentrated oyster sauce is almost suitable for most seafood cooking, because it can improve the umami taste of seafood dishes. If you want to cook seafood, umami oyster sauce must be your first choice

The main color of oyster sauce is dark brown. It is common in some large supermarkets or online stores in the Americas. It is easy to buy. For oyster sauce, the higher the price, the more concentrated oyster sauce and the stronger the flavor!


Recipe of Garlic Chicken Wings with Desly Oyster Sauce

oyster sauce has a unique umami taste, it makes cooking simple, now we teach you a simple oriental cuisine that you can learn once you cook it.


lSix middle chicken wings

lThree breaks and chopped garlic

lSliced ginger

lA spoonful of starch

lHalf a spoon of salt

lHalf a spoon of granulated sugar

lA spoonful of light soy sauce

lA spoonful of oyster sauce



lCut the cleaned chicken wing into two pieces along the two bones in the middle, then add the above seasonings, stir well and marinate for ten minutes

lAdd 100ml of edible oil to a dry hot pan, pick up the chicken wings with tongs and put them in carefully. Fry slowly on low heat, and fry on both sides for five minutes until golden brown, then serve on a plate.

 desly oyster sauce-garlic chicken wings.jpg


When frying chicken wings, reduce turning in the early stage, and turn them fully after the two sides of the chicken wings turn golden brown, so that the chicken wings are evenly heated and cooked thoroughly.






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