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Lesser Fullness of Grain
2021-10-20 14:48:21

Less Fullness of Grain

XiaoMan, one of the "24 Solar terms", is the second solar term of summer. During the XiaoMan Term, the southern part of China will generally have a lot of rain, rainfall. As the warm and wet air flow from the south is active, it meets the cold air from the north to the south in South China.


Healthy Living Tips:


Not only the hot weather, after grain full sweat more, or more rain, and aftercare appropriate is given priority to with fresh and light vegetarian diet, often eat food with damp heat, nourishing Yin qing effect is, such as rice bean, coix seed, green beans, white gourd, cucumber, day lily, water celery, water chestnut, black fungus, carrot, tomato, watermelon, yam, crucian carp, grass carp, duck, etc.


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