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What is Wasabi Paste,And How to Use the Wasabi Paste?
2021-09-10 14:58:18

Wasabi is rhizome comes from the family Brassicaceae (family of mustard and horseradish). If you like Japanese cuisine particular sushi,then you must know about wasabi paste.Green color wasabi paste is usually used in sushi, sashimi, and soba.It gives a hint of hotness, and this hotness is not similar to red pepper.it gets its spiciness from isothiocyanates, which create a vapor and also hit your nose. Its hotness or spiciness is short term as compared to pepper,even a glass of water can make your tongue relax.

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How to Use Wasabi in Recipes?

The most common use you know of wasabi paste is to consume it with sushi,but here I’m going to tell you two unique and quick uses of wasabi.

Wasabi Mayonnaise Dip 


•half cup of regular French mayo

•one teaspoon Desly wasabi paste

•pinch of salt

•half teaspoon ginger paste

How to Prepare?

put all the ingredients in the clean bowl and mix them well to make a light green homogenous paste. believe me, wasabi garlic mayo dip is just amazing, and you can spread it in you sandwiched or take it with sushi and sashimi.

Wasabi Creamy Mashed Potato


•Half cup mashed potato

•Four tablespoon cream

•Pinch of salt

•Black pepper according to taste

•One teaspoon Desly food wasabi paste

How to Prepare?

Mix cream in mashed potatoes and mix them well.Add salt and paper and again mix them rigorously. In the end, add wasabi paste to give twist your mashed potatoes.These wasabi mashed potatoes are great for any grill steak and fries.

You can add wasabi paste into your plain yogurt with a pinch of salt and pepper to make another exciting dip. You can add wasabi in humus to take it to the next level.There is no limit to experimenting with Desly wasabi paste, so keep experimenting.

How to Differentiate Between The Real Or Fake Wasabi Pastes?

Real wasabi paste is made by grating or crushing the wasabi rhizome.Many Japanese restaurants serve your dish with freshly grated wasabi because the volatile compounds responsible for the peculiar taste start to break down within minutes. That’s why real wasabi paste has the best taste when it's really fresh. Real wasabi is native to Japan and 

hard to grow. That’s why real wasabi is expensive, while fake pastes are so cheap and have  extended shelf life.

•Real wasabi gives a delicate flavor to your sushi. Real wasabi is not that much spicy actual it has a spicy aroma without the pungent smell of mustard seeds. Fake wasabi can ruin your sushi,and it has a strong spicy flavor that might come from mustard seeds

Things to Keep in Mind

•Real wasabi goes long, even small quantities.

•If you have wasabi rhizome, then use it immediately after grating it to enjoy the taste to fullest

•if you are a lactating mother,then don't go for wasabi.Consuming wasabi in large quantities is not advisable.

•Wasabi paste is shipped and sold frozen,so keep your leftover wasabi paste in the fridge to retain its freshness

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