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DESLY Management Year-end summary of 2014

Writer:deslySource:desly Number of visits: Date:2015-2-4 10:04:15

  Zhongshan Desly Foodstuffs Co.,LTD. 2014 Management Conference was held on 2th, February , 2015. General manager Mr. Martin and company executives attended the meeting. Heads of departments respectively summarized the work in the year of 2014, and made new plans according to important tasks and goals for new year 2015.

  In year 2015 company will strive to improve the training mechanism; improve the organization; increase investment in the development of new products; create a professional and bold elite team, and complete our sales task. We believe that through our continuous efforts and improvement, company will continue to make breakthroughs in year 2015. Our goal is: DO THE BEST CHINESE FOOD. We firmly believe that the goal will be achieved.

  Company prepared a delicious evening meal, and each department prepared wonderful performances. We Love DESLY this big family.and we will work together for the future by our efforts.

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