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2015 Anuga And European Customer Visiting

Writer:TommySource:desly Number of visits: Date:2015-11-5 16:37:44
German ANUGA annual food exhibition in October 10, 2015 to 14. Desly in the show still with professional attitude, innovative spirit got high praise from new customers and old customers. Introducing more different flavors of products, unique new packaging, let Desly always remain above the height level in food industry.
European exhibitors this time is only a part of Desly’s plan.The most important part is visiting old customers. Desly set visit in the United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Sweden all eight countries. Business visiting customers not only can learn more about customers' needs and market environment, but also in-depth discussion with the customers of our Jade Bridge Brand’s cooperation and development. So push our jade bridge brand more stronger and solid on the European market, and also let all customers share Desly’s determination and prospects.
The trip to Europe, not only to show our commitment to the customers, products and exhibitions, but also more clearly know what the market planning and arrangements, Let us wait and look forward to the brilliant of 2015 and 2016!

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