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    230 g garlic chilli sauce

    230 g Desly Garlic Chilli sauce
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Minced garlic chili sauce, that is, with minced garlic chili sauce, it is characterized by strong garlic, spicy and fresh, can be used for jiao, noodles, rice, alsoused for cooking, stir-frying, barbecue, etc. That unique spicy with a sweet and sour taste of the special appetizer meal, whether with rice, dumplings, steamed bread, cake or any dish collocation together are very delicious, can be said to be versatile ingredients.

Main Ingredients: Water, Chilli, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar etc.

Nutrition:Energy : 183 kJ  Protein: 0.5g  Carbohydrate : 10.4g Sodium: 2500 mg 

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