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  • 产品名称: Happy holiday meatball recipes for breakfast

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This is an easy meatball recipe


Garlic;Ginger;Shallot;Pepper;Cornstarch;Five Spices Powder;Soy Sauce;Sesame Oil;Salt;Eggs;

Prepare for those material above first;


1.Bruise the ginger,the garlic,the onion,and mix them then add the eggs;

2.Stir them and then add the soy sauce,cornstarch,salt,sesame oil and the pepper;

3.Stir them;

4.Pure water in the pot and boil it;

5.Shape into the meatball with your hand;

6.Pour all the meatball into the pot and boil it;

7.Put them out of the water and dry them;

8.Then clean the pot and add right amout of water,and the condiment like soy sauce,oil;

9.Then add the meatball into the pot again after the juice boiled;

10.Pour the starch onto the meatball after a while;

11.Dress the onion.

Enjoy your yummy meatball,it takes about half an hour.