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  • 产品名称: Cordceps Pollen Corn Soup

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1.Put the water into pot and boil it,add the spine boiled water,wash away the surface of the froth and set aside;2.kudzu,peeled,then cut into squares,carrots Peel segment,Mitch Duan Yu,Chinese caterpillar fungus flower;
Soak the hair for 30 minutes,wash stand;
3.Put the soup into the pot;
4.Then add corn;
5.Then add kudzu and Cordyceps flowers;
6.Poured into a bowl of cold water and soak 5 Cordyceps flower water (if it is not a regular production house production is not recommended to put Cordyceps flowers
Dip in water);
7.Close the lid,the soup boil turn a small fire after slow boil for 2-3 hours;
8.Sprinkle the salt can enjoy.