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  • 产品名称: Fry Pleurotus eryngii With Light Soy Sauce

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Materials: 200 grams of mushroom, sweet potato 150 grams,20 grams of 
basil,2 tablespoos sesame oil, ginger 4,a pepper,onion 1/2 support,6 
garlic,1 cup broth,seafood with three cup sauce 2 teaspoons,Light Soy Sauce 150Ml
Production Method:
1.Pleurotus washed,cut and drain;sweet potatoes,peeled,cut into 
pieces; pepper,onion cut into sections and set aside;
2.150 ℃ will mushroom into a full six points in the pan to the fire 
and fry until slightly golden mushroom stems <about 2 minutes>,can be 
picked up and set aside;
3.The other will be placed in 150 ℃ potato sixth full pan to the 
fire deep fry the surface dehydration;
4.Another hot pot,add sesame oil,add ginger,ginger to a curl,then add 
chili practice 1 scallion, garlic until fragrant;
5.Join with three cups of seafood sauce, broth, mushroom practices 
and practices of sweet potatoes 2 of 3 to the fire to fry evenly 
6.Join basil, stir together can be;