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  • 产品名称: What is the chemical name of soy sauce ?

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Back in the history,the earliest Chinese Soy Sauce was made from pickled ,according to the documented literature of the China's Zhou Dynasty,only the King had the right to enjoy Soy Sauce.And later we found that soy can be made into folk flavor similar with pickle and more cheaper.Soy sauce is widely applied in Chinese Cuisine,and have a history of more than 3000 years.
And The Taiwan Soy Sauce can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty,the Soy Sauce Brewing technology with the troops together was brought to Taiwan by Zheng Chenggong.The raw material was Black Beans at that time ,and the soy sauce brewing out called shadow of black soya bean oil.When it comes to the Japanese Time ,the Japanese imported the technology of mechanical manufacturing ,and the raw material from the black beans instead of soybean and wheat.
The Soy Sauce production principle is very simple ,put the black beans (or beans) and salt into a cylinder,with a layer of salt and a layer of black beans.And most importantly you should add the Qu to make it fermatation,and this process should be handled by skilled master ,and the temperature should be controlled around 25 to 30 degree.So the fermented black beans need to be blew in the summer,when winter comes it need to be covered.Should take care for about 4 to 6 months till the fermentation finished.
The delicate flavor of Soy Sauce is from a variety of Amino Acids,which is the composed unit of protein.The meat and beans are rich in protein.During the process of producing sauce,most of the Amino Acid in Soy Sauce,become the source of the delicate flavors of the Soy Sauce.
Due to the traditional brewing method need to spend a lot of time, so they have use hydrochloric acid to make soy protein quickly break down into amino acids, and then to alkali neutralization, may also be added in the process of caramel pigment and sweetener to toning, process only need 5 to 7 days,and this flavor might be poorer,a pungent flavour,can even produce harmful chlorine propylene glycol.