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  • 产品名称: The best dark soy sauce in Singapore

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Almost not salty,very fragrant,with a little micro focal aroma ,a little sweet.When someone tell you that is a kind of soy sauce taste ,I believe you will smile,the soy sauce in my mind ,is that possible?
An imformed elder told me that he had been here for many years and neve take the initiative to find anything about it.
But I'm full of curiosity and verfication.I found nothing in the supermarket but I met the legend by chance in orchard of Takashimaya.
When you get out from Exit B of the Orchard Road Subway Station,then along the tunnel can be direct potiphera isetan department store.Pepple usually don't love go out shopping here and easily get lost when they out.
Then I found a stall selling sauce ,which called Kwong Woh Hing ,and it's pickle kind of special,the size of rectangle box about a dozen varieties.You will see dozens pepper sauce,sesame sweet sauce,classify and tidy yards on the counter.But the price range from biscuit of three to ten,looks like not far off the market,right?Veryspecial.
When close up I found that the box container capacity is small.For example,the soy sauce,just 100ml for 5.8 dollars.And I thougt it was a little expensive if comparing with the supermarkets.This is what the elderly told me the legendary?
I asked to try and ansered no try! He said boss made the provision.I thougt it was an excuse for a lazy stuff.I have to try and then pay for a small bottle of precious soy sauce.Dip in with a finger for some taste,can make out immediately,and it is something entirely different.Rich smell is much much several times,with faint sweet smelling poured into his mouth.Am I eating soy sauce? Good!