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  • 产品名称: What food can increase your Hormone?

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Various hormones on environment is constant in the metabolism of human body,the coordination between the organ and regulating role in the growth,reproduction and so on.
The human brain is 75% water,dehydration first affect the organ is the brain, moisture content is too little, can let a person feel tired,a little slow on the draw.To make a soup or drink supplement moisture,can increase the quantity of heat, make the body fat.So in between meals and meal to drink more water.One day at least about 2000 ml of water to drink.
High Vitamin C Food
After 24 years old, male sperm quality and quantity are going downhill,if there is a kind of drug can make aging sperm again full of vitality,that is vitamin C.Wei-sheng gao mr.zhou C food are kiwi,orange,green broccoli,asparagus,etc.Vitamin C may assist cortisol (a stress resistance of hormone secretion,can fight stress.
The sour taste of tomatoes can promote the secretion of gastric juice,help digest proteins,etc.Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C can produce collagen,strong blood vessels.
Carotenoids can change into vitamin A in the body, improve body resistance, leads to the deterioration of the cell inhibition of reactive oxygen species, and so on. Carrot contains rich potassium,have fall blood pressure effects. Beta-carotene also can prevent cancer.
Soy contains plant hormones,be helpful for women,at the same time,the soybean men is a perfect food.The Japanese man who eat soy products,like soy sauce ,the probability of prostate cancer is lower than men from western countries.Beans also to improve male bone loss effectively.Men over 60 years old,bone will begin to erosion,and menopause women serious case.Eat more beans can add lecithin.Lecithin has been confirmed that is associated with short-term memory and learning ability.
Garlic has strong sterilization ability to eliminate the bacteria enter the body.Garlic can promote the absorption of vitamin B1,promote the metabolism of sugar to produce energy,and eliminate fatigue.Garlic cannot ignore another function is to enhance immunity.Garlic contains pbse has antioxidant properties,and therefore is regarded as anti-cancer food.Men eating garlic can improve physical fitness and physical,but do not eat the chili one like Garlic Chili Sauce .Because the spciy pepper not good for the Hormones.