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  • 产品名称: Happy Chinese Traditional Mid Autumn Festival And How To Make Mooncake

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The Cantonese Type,The Beijing Type,The Su Type are deeply loved by the people all around the North and the South China.The Moocake is round and it is the symbol of the reunion peace.It is said that people began to eat Mooncake since The Tang Dynasty.
Crisp phyllo method: 
1.The big bag materials to 5 kg to calculate,do 12 per kilogram.Before dispatch the leather into the dough.Leather face mass of 1.6 kg,pastry 0.775 kg.Fold cake into leather,with a rod of roller surface pressure into a book of leather (0.67 cm).Roll into a round shape rules,cut into ten pieces with a knife and then at one end of the small billet to fold inside knead along the slit,press flat into a pancake shape,with the palm can be filling.
Key points: after pastry bag into the skin,should not be when the rod surface roll thin roll is too short,too narrow,in order to avoid uneven skin crisp,affect the quality.
2.Small crisp phyllo method: method and pastry dough with parcel crisp phyllo method. Leather with pastry material can be divided into 10 small pieces and fold cake one by one into skin, volume discount is formed after the rod surface flattening, reoccupy hand pressed flat into a pancake shape can be filling.