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Sesame Oil 150ml
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1.anti-aging: pure sesame oil is rich in vitamin E and has functions of promoting cell division and anti-aging.

2.vascular protection: pure sesame oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Linoleic acid and Palmitic acid, easy to be decomposed, absorbed and utilized by the 
human body to promote the metabolism of cholesterol and help to eliminate deposits on the walls of arteries and vessels
3. runchang laxative: habitual constipation patients, in the morning and evening empty stomach drink a mouthful of pure sesame oil, can run bowel laxative.

4.reduce the toxicity of tobacco and alcohol: people who have a habit of smoking and are addicted to alcohol often drink pure sesame oil, which can reduce the direct 
stimulation and damage of smoke on teeth, gums and oral Mucosa, as well as the formation of lung smoke spots, and also have a relatively inhibitory effect on the 
absorption of nicotine. Drink a bit of pure sesame oil before drinking, it is right oral cavity, esophagus, stomach cardia and gastric mucosa have certain protective effect.

5.protecting throat: regular drinking of pure sesame oil can enhance the elasticity of the vocal cords, make the glottis open and close flexibly and powerfully, and have a 
good recovery effect on voice hoarseness and chronic pharyngitis.

6.treatment of rhinitis: for patients with chronic rhinitis, use disinfectant cotton ball to dip the sesame oil into the affected part of the nasal cavity, which has a good effect