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Sesame Oil 150ml
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Jade Bridge Sesame Oil


The origins of these Sesame Oil and its production goes almost 3000 years BC, when people realized that this crop is excellent flavor enhancer. It is supposed to be one of the earliest known crop-based oils.

Not only that is healthy because of its ingredients than it is very tasty with a nutty note that gives to the meals. This oil is used in many countries in Asia, especially in the East therefore many people enjoy this oil preparing their traditional meals. The sesame oil is enriched with many fatty acids that are healthy for the organism and it should be consumed on a daily basis. There are many benefits form using this oil both to cook or use it in other purpose. It is well known for its anti-aging effect, than reducing the toxins in your body caused by consuming alcohol and smoking. The best way is to make it part of your nutrition and your meals so you can benefit the best from it.

 With a little amount here and there in the food it can prevent many malfunctioning and diseases. It is said that people from the East live the longest and that is why because they consume a lot of healthy foodstuff.

This oil has great application in countries like India, China, Japan, Vietnam etc. It is prepared with meat, vegetables, as dressing (for e.g homemade teriyaki sauce).The cold pressed is mostly used for cooking but the color varies from pale yellow to dark brown depending how It is processed. In some countries is made from roasted seeds and then the color get darker but the quality is almost the same. It is certain that goes almost with every food that you’d like to prepare. You can enhance the flavor of your chicken with vegetables, your salad with this oil, make a nice dressing that will go on top of the salad and make it taste like heaven!

Make the most delicious meals with Jade Bridge Sesame Oil and have meal with quality and healthy ingredients. Maybe you can take a few drops of this pure sesame oil early in the morning to protect your throat or simply to reduce the toxins if you have consumed tobacco or alcohol. The are many options and ways to use the sesame oil but choose the most healthy and improve the quality of your life.