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How To Use Jade Bridge Sweet Chili Sauce For Your Food
Date:2019-08-02 14:49:03

Jade Bridge Sweet Chili Sauce


There are lots of us that have that one particular sauce in the cupboard which we put on absolutely everything. I daresay that a good 80-90% of the people asked will say. The fact is they are most commonly found in Asian countries. Especially in the Western regions Chinese, Thailand Malaysian cuisine. 

Jade Bridge Sweet chili sauce is one sauce that is particularly versatile. It can be used in different snacks and food  ranging from burgers, sandwiches and rolls. Jade Bridge Sweet chili sauce is something that is common in supermarkets everywhere. They contain slight sugar, vinegar and red chilies. Some of the vast variation may include garlic and lime. The truth is you may actually create your sauce of choice.


Health Benefits of  Jade Bridge Sweet Chili Sauce

Majorly red chilies are known to be really good for the body metabolism. After extensive research, it was found that they posses anti-inflammatory properties and help massively increase blood circulation. Research shows that the vinegar in sweet chili sauce helps extensively in the bodies digestive system. 

As a matter of fact, it actually helps the body get rid of unnecessary body fat in the stomach. When this vinegar is combined with garlic, it is said to be highly anti-oxidant. Jade Bridge Sweet chili sauce has very light calorie containing just about 3 calories in one tablespoon. It also has absolutely no fat and contains a considerably high amount of vitamin C.

We use just a minute amount of Jade Bridge sweet chili sauce or flavoring due to it's exceptionally strong taste which in a manner of speaking is actually just right for our favorite foods.

Whatever makes you want a slight change of taste in your meal or perhaps a little hear from your food then Jade Bridge sweet chili sauce is just the right thing for you.

For your best sweet chili sauce, you can get Jade Bridges sweet chili sauce.


Chili Potatoes

Virtually everyone likes potatoes. Those pink fresh tubers are a delicacy for everyone.


Ingredients for making chili potatoes

2 pounds potatoes (should be peeled and cut in chunks)

1/3 cup Jade Bridge Sweet Chili Sauce

Chili powder (mild)

Sea salt flakes (1 tsp)

olive oil (3 tbsp)



Start cooking the potato chunks in slightly salted already boiling  water. Cook for about 10-15 minutes. Now, drain the water and toss the chunks with the Jade Bridges sweet chili sauce. Mix thoroughly before adding the mild chili pepper with salt.

Next, heat the olive oil in a frying pan(size of choice, preferably spacious). Cook the potatoes with sauce for another 5 minutes until they become soft and appear golden brown.

You can now sprinkle the sea salt flakes with fresh ground black pepper to taste.

At this stage your delicious chili potato is ready to be served. Enjoy with any good drink of choice.

Making your own sweet chili sauce is great but you could save yourself the hassle and simply buy Jade Bridges Sweet chili sauce from supermarkets today.