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How To Make Sushi Rice
Date:2019-08-13 11:04:43

You might have heard of a Sushi Vinegar many times before. But what is it really? Sushi vinegar is basically composed of salt, sugar, and vinegar. Each sushi house has its own ratio and the various brands they utilize. You see, the brand, sugar, and salt you utilize will swing the percentages many times! You will end up adjusting your taste if you are purchasing something different.

Sushi Vinegar is the Sauce you like to utilize to taste your prepared sushi rice. When you employ rice vinegar only, the flavor will become flat because it does not have essential Seasoning of Sugar and Salt.

Are you trying to purchase the “pre-mixed sushi seasoning?” What you need to search for is “Sushi Vinegar.” Luckily, DESLY offers sushi vinegar that you can use for all your cooking needs. Below is one simple and delicious recipe where you could use DSELY Sushi Vinegar.

Howto Make the Perfect Sushi Rice?

Things You Need:

-         2.25 cups of water

-         2 cups of uncooked Japanese Rice

-         Electric rice cooker

-         DESLY Sushi Vinegar


1.      Rinsing. This is quite a tedious task but very crucial too. Add water to your uncooked rice in the pot and wash it until the water is white. Drain the white water and refill your pot with clear water. Do the rinsing process again. Rub the grains of rice gently. Add more water and wash it again. Do the rinsing process again until the water becomes clear. Then, drain the water out with a sieve. Leave the rice on the sieve for half an hour.


2.      Cooking. You can add water and the washed rice to the pot. Soak it for thirty minutes to eight hours. The fresh your rice is the less would be the period needed to soak it. You could switch and just set a timer on your cooker. When the pot is utilized, boil your rice at medium heat while the pot lid is on. Adjust the temperature to high for one-minute and adjust it back to medium for five minutes. Adjust the temperature to low for 10 minutes until the water disappears.


3.      Making the Sushi Rice. You need to utilize a big plate and a spatula to turn your plain rice into a bowl of sushi rice. Pour the cooked rice into the plate and pour our DESLY Sushi Vinegar(1/4) on it. Without mushing the grains, combine the sushi vinegar and rice as fast as possible. Combine until your vinegar has been absorbed and the rice is warm.

Now, you could enjoy your sushi rice and DELY Sushi Vinegar along with your friends or family.