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Jade Bridge Sauce Product From Deslyfoods
Date:2019-09-05 10:27:10

Jade Bridge Soy Sauce,why unique ?

Jade Bridge Soy Sauce is a unique product by Desly foods, which are available in 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml,500 ml, and 625 ml. This Soy sauce is principally made from fermented soy bean sand wheat, in which salt and caramel are added. This Soy sauce is commonly used as Asian and Western food.


Jade Bridge Light Soy Sauce

Jade bridge Light Soy Sauce is reddish-brown soy sauce naturally brewed with Non-GMO soy bean and wheat flour. With more than 180 days’ fermentation under the sunshine, Jade Bridge soy sauce achieve the appetizing soy aroma and distinctive flavour. Light soy sauce has been the most essential condiments in both Asian and Western cuisines due to it’s delicately enhance the taste of any dish.


Jade Bridge Dark Soy Sauce

The Jade Bridge dark soy sauce is built on the raw soy sauce, which is made from the distinct process of the thick color soy sauce. This soy sauce is appropriate for the meat. One of the much-needed seasonings is old smoking. The addition of old smoke into the dish can enhance the taste and the color.


Jade Bridge Mushroom Soy Sauce

This soy sauce is produced by fermentation of the boiled soybeans along ground wheat flour together with as tarter mold. The mushroom soy sauce is a soy sauce that has an extract of mushroom that is brewed together or sometimes shiitake mushrooms. This gives a delicious aroma to cooked dishes. Mushroom soy is lovely due to the strong taste of the sauce and it can be included to give a brownish-black color and to maintain his thicker character. Mushroom soy can be used as a surrogate for dark soy in cooking sauce. Drizzle it while cooking is completed on the top of a dish and in recipes such as chicken, beef and other dishes where the greatness of mushroom aroma can be felt.


Jade Bridge Less Salt Soy Sauce

Jade Bridge less salt soy sauce is brewed the same way as all purposes jade bridge Soy Sauce. But as soon as the completion of the fermentation process, almost 40% of the salt is been removed.Notwithstanding, there is less salt in less salt soy sauce, but the quality and flavor features remain because it is aged prior extraction of the salt.However, for the maintenance of its full flavor, it is recommended to be used in a later stage of cooking.


Jade Bridge Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Jade Bridge gluten free soy sauce is fermented by soy bean and cornstarch. The gluten free soy sauce is reddish-brown with a less salty taste as well as mild sweet taste. The soy sauce takes a longer aging process which leads to its deeper color and also full-bodied flavor. GF light soy sauce is rich in flavour and GF dark soy sauce is thick in viscosity. GF light is used as a dipping sauce for seasoning and stir-fries. GF dark is used for marinating and also sometimes provide flavor to the sauces.