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DESLY Ponzu Sauce to Enhance the Taste of Your Dishes
Date:2019-09-27 10:02:16

If you have a special interest in Asian foods and love to make them in your own home, then a bottle full of DESLY Ponzu Sauce is the must-have a thing for your kitchen. 

This sauce is an important condiment and it comes with an excellent zingy flavor that goes perfect with seafood, vegetables, and meat as well. This is a Japanese sauce but the taste can win the hearts of every food lovers from each corner of the world. But this sauce is little-known outside Asia or Japan. The taste of the sauce is quite tangy as it is a citrus sauce. It has wide used in a marinade of food items or it is a good addition of traditional soy sauce.

Taste and use of DESLY Ponzu Sauce

It comes with a distinctive taste and it beautifully covers all the flavor spectrum. This sauce combines different tastes and it can be quite bitter, sour and salty at once. You make a good dipping by mixing the sauce with soy sauce. This mixture is known as ponzu shoyu. You can enhance the taste of many of your favorite fried dishes with the sauce. 

For some one-pot dishes Shabu-Shabu or nabe, this sauce is a perfect dipping choice. You can even enhance the taste of your rice by adding this sauce with your plain rice. If you are bored with traditional Soy Sauce and Worcestershire sauce, then you can try the DESLY Ponzu Sauce with grilled steak or cutlets. For so many Chinese Dishes, this sauce is a great addition now. Even you can replace soy sauce with DESLY Ponzu Sauce to make Chinese dishes. Shrimp, Chicken satay, Smoked salmon can be enjoyed best with DESLY Ponzu Sauce.