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DESLY Tonkatsu Sauce- a Perfect Balance of Tangy and Sweet Taste
Date:2019-09-30 15:04:24

Tonkatsu is originally a Japanese sauce.  Many people from different part of the world are falling in love with this sauce, simply because it comes with excellent taste. You can enjoy the sauce with different types of Chinese or Japanese foods. 

You can make the sauce at your home but if you don’t have much time or patience then you can buy DESLY Tonkatsu Sauce. You can enjoy the pork katsu with the sauce. This sauce has a great taste to enjoy with fried cutlet sand other deep fried dishes.

Use and taste

In this sauce, you will get a complete balance of taste and this sauce can go with all of your favorite fried dishes.This one is best as dipping to enjoy the cutlets, fried chicken, pork cutlet,etc. The perfect packaging of the product ensures that you will get something best in a bottle.

While the bottled varieties are delicious, nothing compares to the thick and spicy Tonkatsu. This sauce comes with a thicker texture and rich taste of spice.

This sauce can be tried with so many other dishes other than just the tonkatsu or the pork cutlet. You can try it with several non-fried or fried foods. You can try it with veggie sand it will taste awesome.

This sauce is not very spicy in taste so not only the adults but the kids can enjoy the taste as well. You can serve the sauced with chicken katsu, tonkatsu, karokke or can use as the dip. This sauce is a delicious one and the taste can surely tantalize your taste buds. 

If you are bored with the taste of Worcestershire Sauce, this sauce is the ideal choice for you. The Desly Brand Tonkatsu Sauce is the ideal companion for several foods.

This Tonkatsu sauce has an almost otherworldly flavor that enhances nearly any food it touches. You can witness a visible change on the face of someone who is trying katsu for the first time.Their face will be transformed by delight and awe. 

This is a great marinade sauce, marinating your dish can be the perfect way to add that "special refinement" to your dish you are looking for. Marinating with the sauce is not just about tenderizing but it will increase the taste.