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Mirin: What is It? How to Use It? And Recommendations
Date:2019-11-08 11:36:29

What Is It?


Mirin is a highly-popular condiment used on Japanese dishes, which is utilized 0 to add sweet flavor to a dish. It is a Japanese sweet rice wine that has higher levels of sugar but lower alcohol content.  Mirin is perfect to be added to your dish if you want to add some acidic twist and umami flavor to your dish.With its syrupy consistency and texture, it is a perfect complement to salty condiments such as soy sauce and tamari. If you’re looking for some dishes that has a hint of sweet flavor, you might as well try dishes that use Mirin sauce. We’ve rounded up a list of these dishes on the list below:


How To Use It?


There are many dishes that have been popular and known for their specific flavors because of Mirin sauce. This is the most basic and common usage of Mirin - to add flavor and complement the saltiness of other ingredients used in the dishes. Here are some top dishes we recommend you to try out if you want to use Mirin:

 Mirin Glazed Salmon

    1.The Mirin Glazed Salmon is a simple and easy to make dish that makes as a perfect topping along with scallions to a bowl of rice. This dish mixes Mirin, brown sugar and soy sauce as a marinade for the salmon. The Mirin sauce helps add a sweet hint to the salmon  Below is an easy procedure on how to make this dish:
    2.Sear and cook salmon fillets in a medium-heat pan until it has a glaze that is rich brown.
    3.Add marinade and water to the pan until the salmon fillets reach its desired doneness. You can add sauce or water if the marinade is thickening quickly. 
    4.Turn off the heat to pan if sauce is already in its desired thickness and consistency, and add vinegar to the sauce to add a sour hint to the sauce. 
    5.Pour the salmon and sauce on top of rice as toppings along with the scallions. 

    Japanese Braised Pork Belly

    A Japanese classic dish that is known for its tender, juicy and     umami-filled meat from the pork belly of a pig. Another trademark for this     dish is the long time allotted for the pork belly to be simmered in     water  and sauce - allowing the fats     of the meat to be significantly reduced and the umami flavor to seep into     the meat. Check out a summary of steps on how to make this dish:

    1.Sear the meat over a small amount of all and medium heat pan.
    2.Drain the oil from the pork by pacing into over a paper towel.
    3.Simmer the pork over a large pan filled with water, ginger and onions for two hours. 
    4.Make sure that the meat becomes tender by checking on the tenderness of the meat - it should be tender.
    5.Add in water, sake, sugar, soy sauce and mirin altogether and bring it to boil. 
    6.Simmer the pork over this mixture until the sauce is less visible.
    The pork belly should be soft and tender. If it is, then it is ready to be served. 
    7.Make sure to consume the dish immediately


    With the many dishes that uses Mirin, many manufacturers have also moved to creating a Mirin sauce under their brand name.Each brand has a specific and unique taste that it contributes to the dish. But here’s our recommended Mirin for your dish: