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DESLY Teriyaki Sauce-Adding an Ultimate Taste to Your Food
Date:2019-11-14 13:49:50

        Have you ever treated yourself with a unique Japanese sauce named as the Teriyaki Sauce? Did you ever marinade teriyaki sauce on your favorite meals? Probably not. You might not be aware of teriyaki sauce and its bold taste.


       Let’s discuss what teriyaki sauce is and how can you make it a part of your daily meal. I challenge you that after reading this article, you would love to get a bottle of teriyaki sauce from Desly Foods for yourself and make it a part of your daily cooking recipes.


Teriyaki Sauce

         Being fond of cooking and kitchen utilities, I keep on exploring different cuisine recipes and magazines. A few months back, while going through a Japanese cuisine recipe, I came to know about their exclusive product named teriyaki sauce. I planned to include it as a marinade in my favorite recipes.


         “Teriyaki” is a Japanese term that is used for meat that has been marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled over the coals. Teriyaki sauce is sweet, thick, and salty. It is made up of four main components which are:

·        Soy Sauce

·        Sugar

Making Delicious Recipes with Teriyaki Sauce

        After a long hectic day, what could be better than chicken teriyaki served with boiled rice? I love feeding my kid with this special meal. She loves it. Why dine-out, when you can cook delicious recipes using teriyaki sauce and Mirin at home.


        As a teriyaki sauce lover, I love to use it in different recipes.Last week I cooked Vegetable Teriyaki Stir-Fry for the first time. While I was preparing, its delicious aroma spread all around. Trust me; it was terrific-yummy and rich in flavor.

This was absolutely the best Stir-Fry I've ever had! The taste was much better than any food served at a restaurant.


        Stir-Fry is the delicious meal I'll be making any time. Yes, I’m introducing vegan food to my family for the first time! 

Is Teriyaki Sauce Healthy?

        Teriyaki sauce is not only unique in taste but is equally beneficial for your health. Let’s discuss how.


        A few days ago, I suspected that though I love teriyaki yet, it might be unhealthy for me. So, being a health and diet conscious, I started googling the health benefits of teriyaki sauce.


        After thorough research, what I found was that teriyaki is a surprisingly low-calorie sauce. One tablespoon of teriyaki sauce contains 17 calories, while one tablespoon of ranch sauce has 73 calories, Whoop Whoop.


        In general, it can't be considered as a healthy sauce as it is high in sodium,sugar, and carbs. However, it is a good source of iron as it helps to fight fatigue, magnesium (an excellent anti-inflammatory), and phosphorous (healthy bones).


        You might be thinking you shouldn’t use it in your recipes. Wait, everyone knows that “excess of anything is bad." Similar goes with teriyaki sauce. You shouldn’t use it often in your daily cooking or as a dipping sauce. Though using it once or twice a week is not bad for your health.

Add Desly’s Teriyaki Sauce into your Recipes

        So, stay healthy, and add a twist to your recipes by adding Desly Foods Teriyaki sauce in your food. Desly Foods is known for providing the best quality teriyaki sauce in the town. You can easily buy it from their online store.

Happy Healthy Eating to you!!