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Yummy Bread Crumbs
Date:2019-12-23 11:09:56

Bread Crumbs

      Want to add a layer of crunch to nuggets, chicken, or fish? Use bread crumbs made by Desly. Yes, you heard that, right! They sell the best quality bread crumbs that can add texture and flavor to your fried food. Wow…that sounds yummy, isn’t it?

High Quality, Best Tasting Bread Crumbs Ever!

      Good quality bread is essential for making tasty crumbs. Desly Foods care for their customers, so they always use good quality bread. You can store the bread crumbs in an airtight container because moisture can affect the taste of the crumbs.

You can add seasonings like oregano, basil, or rosemary to add a flavored twist to your fried fish.

Let’s Cook Finger-licking Food with Bread Crumbs

      When a recipe calls for bread crumbs, always choose Desly foods bread crumbs. It can be used as a binding ingredient for making meatballs. These make the meatballs more tender and juicier.

      Still not convinced? Try them once and enjoy the delicious taste at your home. Discover how to use Desly Foods bread crumbs in different recipes. My little one loves the crunchy chicken lollipops, which I usually prepare for her over the weekends. A perfect evening snack, isn’t it?

      What makes these chicken lollipops so lovely and crunchier?  It’s Desly food’s bread crumbs that can make every fried dish finger-licking delicious. It’s usually used in Asian cuisines, though famous among western chefs too.

      You can add garlic powder,salt, and pepper flakes to make your dish super tasty. You'll always find these bread crumbs fresh whenever you use them in your cooking.

Buy a pack of bread crumbs once, trust me you will not regret this decision.

Do you Love Croquettes?

      I love potato croquettes.This snack is crispy and crunchy on the outside, with a soft inner. Prepare these for your guests using bread crumbs. Serve these with Chinese tea. They will, for sure, please your guests. Isn’t it?

Make Delicious Cakes Using Bread Crumbs

      Are you looking for a cake recipe? You know you can make a yummy cake without the use of flour. Yes, you can use bread crumbs to make a delicious cake at home. What an excellent addition to the pantry! You can use these bread crumbs in a variety of ways that you could have ever imagined.

      You can add it as a topping on salads and pasta. You might be thinking of how bread crumbs can be used in pasta. Let me tell you. All you have to do is to sauté breadcrumbs in butter and add in pasta-a tasty texture to plain pasta!

      I am in love with these breadcrumbs. These are super healthy, nutritious and can make an excellent coating for tempura and chicken tenders.

Can you Store Bread Crumbs?

      A question may arise here;can you store these crumbs in the refrigerator? How long do they last?

      Yes, you can keep bread crumbs in a freezer, and that could last a few months! For a crunchy finish, if you are making crumbs at home, always use bread that is moisture-free.Otherwise, crumbs will c lag together.

Where to Buy Bread Crumbs?

      Troubling preparing bread crumbs at home? Don't worry! You can buy it from Desly Food.

      Why Desly Food's bread crumbs? Because they absorb less oil as compared to other brands available in the market. The best-tasting bread crumbs ever!!!

      Do you make breadcrumbs at home or buy from a superstore? Please share your thoughts with us! Happy Healthy cooking with Desly Foods!!!