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Dark Soy Sauce: A Must-Have Kitchen Condiment
Date:2020-04-15 15:41:01

        Many people love to use soy sauce in their recipes, but they overlook the significance of dark soy sauce in their pantry. I’m a Chinese cuisine freak and prefer dark soy sauce over regular soy sauce due to various reasons. 

        Dark soy sauce is thicker and darker to some extent than light soy sauce. Like light soy sauce, it is used to flavor numerous recipes, but more importantly, it’s used to darken the color of fried rice and noodles. I like to use Desly food’s dark soya sauce to bring umami in my boring colorless dishes.

Ways to Use Desly’s Dark Soy Sauce?

       Here I’m going to share some straightforward ideas to use Desly’s dark soy sauce

• You can use dark soy sauce to bring dark amber color in stir-fries like Beef & Broccoli fried vegetable rice and noodles. You can bring fantastic colors to Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Rice and Cantonese Pan-fried Noodles. In short, if you are feeling your dish is lacking the color or not looking attractive; add few drops dark soya sauce to bring zing in your recipes.

• If you are running out of brown sauce, use the less quantity of dark soy sauce to bring the exact color to your favorite dish.

• You can use dark soy sauce for making different salad dressings. You can combine Desly’s dark soy sauce mayonnaise and Desly’s chili garlic sauce to make a tasty dip or salad dressing.

• I like to drizzle dark soya sauce along with some lemon juice on y lettuce wraps.Can We Make Dark Soy Sauce at Home? In my opinion, making dark soy sauce at home is complicated, and you can’t get the desired taste and color. Desly’s dark soy sauce is a hassle-free option to save both money and time.

        Why Desly’s Dark Soy Sauce Is Favorite?

        A little bit of   Desly’s dark soy sauce goes a long way in flavoring marinades, brines, and all kinds of dips. Many other brands of dark soy sauce claimed reduced-sodium but contain so much salt, Desly’s dark soy sauce really has less sodium with premium ingredients and a peculiar taste. Storage Tips

• Store unopened or sealed dark soy sauce in a cold and dark place.

• Keep the dark soy sauce away from heat and direct sunlight

• Once opened, store dark soy sauce in the refrigerator to intact its potency and taste.